Emoi Globe and Mushroom Bluetooth speakers double up as bedside lamps

E-commerce platform Yerha, known for selling unusual gadgets, has launched two Bluetooth speaker that doubles up as bedside lamps - Globe and Mushroom Emoi. The name suggests the shape of the speakers.

They are made of Silica-ABS material and have the same speaker unit and can project 360-degree sound with great highs, deep bass. They also feature Touch technology, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color, switch off alarm by simply tapping the silicone casing.

Apart from streaming music from smartphone, you can also play music either by plugging in a flash drive or inserting a microSD card, into the allocated port.  They pack 1750mAh battery, and promises up to four hours of music playback.

As mentioned before, the speakers also doubles as bedside lamp. You can use the Emoi app available for Android and iOS to control the mood-lighting. You can even use the app to change the track, switch the light on or off, set alarm and change brightness. The speakers also have inbuilt mic, so you can also use it as a hand free speaker phone.

The Globe speaker gets two additional features. It has a dedicated AUX port and can also function as power bank for your smartphones. 

The Emoi speakers are exclusively available on Yerha.com, and are priced at Rs. 4,700 for the Globe model, and Rs. 4,500 for the Mushroom model. As an introductory offer, you can get the speaker for Rs. 2,990 on or before October 15.

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