Facebook Messenger users in the U.S can now send and receive money using PayPal

Exactly a year ago, Facebook added PayPal as payment support within the Messenger app for users in the U.S. And now it has added the ability to send and receive person-to-person payments via PayPal within Messenger app.

Previously, users had the option to use PayPal to shop on Messenger, but the new announcement, extends the partnership to peer-to-peer payments. This means Facebook Messenger users in the U.S can now send and receive money directly within the app using their PayPal accounts.

The integration will make it easier, for friends and family to exchange money between them, be it splitting bills for taxi ride, night out, or, paying rent and more.

How it works: You have to tap on the blue plus icon, and then select the green Payments button to send or request money. Then choose PayPal as the funding source when making a P2P payments with your Messenger contacts and proceed to pay.

According to PayPal, over 2.5 million users have linked their PayPal account with Messenger, and with the person-to-person integration, the number is expected to grow further.

To go along PayPal also introduced its first ever customer service bot for Messenger, that will enable customer service interactions such as resetting passwords, handling account inquiries and helping with refunds or payment issues. To use PayPal customer service bot, search for PayPal in the search field, followed by a message to PayPal. The bot will then assist you with you request. If you need additional support, you can choose to connect with PayPal’s live customer service. 

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