Google Assistant adds 50 new kids games, activities, and stories

Google is adding more than 50 new games, activities and stories to the Google Assistant, designed to keep kids entertained. These games are now available in the U.S on Google Home and other Assistant equipped smart speakers and smartphones.

Google Assistant already has a good number of games, but now Assistant will offer activities such as musical chairs, trivia, freeze dance, Disney-themed games, and original kids' tales and more. To get started just say "Ok Google" followed by "tell me a story", "lets play a game" or "Let's learn".

Below are some the games and activities launching on Google Assistant.
Learn 📖
  • “Let’s learn” 
  • "Play space trivia” 
  • “Talk to Everyday Heroes” 
  • “Help me with my homework”
 Play 👯
  • “Let’s play a game”
  • “Play Mickey Mouse Adventure”
  • “Talk to What’s My Justice League Super Hero?”
  • “Play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia”
    Imagine 🌎
    • “Tell me a story”
    • “Tell me the story of The-Not-So-Scaredy cat”
    • “Play Strangest Day Ever”
    • "Play Jungle Adventure"
      Google says the Assistant is now better at recognizing Kids' voice and much like adults, it can distinguish kids voices to offer personalized results and customized responses.

      That said, kids under 13 need to have their Family Link-powered account on Google Assistant. To remind you Family Link was launch last month, and allows parents to manage their kid's Google account and monitor their phone activity.

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