Google Photos now recognizes your cats and dogs

Google Photos is one of most popular smartphone apps out there, used by over 500 million users. One of the main highlight of Google Photos' is its ability to accurately identify faces of people in photos and group them together, thanks to machine learning. 

That said, Google is rolling out the same ability for cats and dogs allowing you to easily recognize their photos, a handy feature for pet lovers.With the new addition the 'People' section in the Albums, which shows all of the faces photos is being renamed as 'People & Pets'. In this section, in addition to friends and family, you will now find photos of your cats and dogs as well. 

You'll still be able to do everything you do with photos of human, like label your pets by name, find photos of them, and even find photos of you and your pet together. You can even create movies or even a photo book of your pet as well.

Google says it is rolling the new feature in most countries. 

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