Huawei is working on a foldable phone

It feels like just yesterday we were introduced to the concept of bezel-less phone design, but it has now become a trend among smartphone maker. From mid-range to high-end flagship, most of the phones have adapted to the bezel-less design. That said, we now have a new design concept in play: dual screen foldable phones.

ZTE recently unveiled the foldable Axon M smartphone, and now Huawei has revealed that it plans to launch a foldable smartphone sometime next year.

At the sidelines of Mate 10 launch event, Huawei CEO, Richard Yu speaking to CNET said that, the company has a working prototype of a foldable phone, but isn't ready for a commercial launch because the design needs improvements.

Yu said that, the company's foldable phone needs a better, flexible and mechanical design, and it will take some time to perfect this design. To remind you the recently announced Axon M has two displays, and when the device is unfolded to combine the two display, there's a noticeable gap between the two.

In its current form, Huawei's foldable phone also has two screens with a small gap between the two, and the company is exploring ways to get rid of it. For this it plans to use a single foldable screen.

Apart from Huawei, South Korean tech giant Samsung is also expected to release foldable phone called Galaxy X next year. 

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