Latest Android Oreo based OxygenOS open beta update for OnePlus 3/3T fixes bug

Last week OnePlus kicked off open beta testing of Android Oreo for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. And now it is rolling out a new update to these handsets that includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

The Android Oreo based OxygenOS Open Beta 26 for OnePlus 3 and OxygenOS Beta 17 for OnePlus 3 brings back User Feedback app, voicemail tab in dialer and fixes issues related to Notification dot, ambient display, random reboots, available storage calibration and other smaller issues. It also improves the performance of WiFi & data connectivity, NFC and brings stability to Picture-in-Picture mode.

Here's what included in OxygenOS Open Beta 26 for OnePlus 3 and OxygenOS Beta 17 for OnePlus 3
  • User Feedback app is back
    • You can continue sending bug reports via the app again
  • Improved Wifi and Data connectivity
    • Please let us know if you see a change in the behavior of your network connections
  • Improved the performance of NFC
  • Improved stability of Picture in Picture
    • Apps that are supported by PiP are less likely to cause a reboot
  • Reduced likelihood of device heating up in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue of missing voicemail tab in dialer
    • Sorry about that.. :oops:
  • Other general bug fixes
    • This includes things like the Notification dot issue, ambient display issues, random reboots, available storage calibration, and many other smaller issues.
There are also some known issues in the build:
  • Fingerprint actions may still be slower than you are used to 
  • Performance and compatibility of 3rd party apps are still being optimized
OnePlus also warns that the builds are sometime not as stable as official OTAs, so by installing the update you accept the potential risks.

To get the latest beta, you have to follow the old drill. If you're on a previous beta you'll received the new build as an OTA update. And if you're not running open beta software, you need to flash it manually. The full ROM is available in the download page here: 

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