Razer will debut its first smartphone on November 1

Razer, a company well known for making gaming laptops and accessories, acquired Nextbit, the maker of Robin earlier this year. This led to rumors that Razer is foraying into the smartphone market, and later the company confirmed that its making a smartphone designed for hardcore gamers. Now Razer is all set to launch it.

Razer has announced that it will announce something on November 1, that's likely to be a smartphone. It also shared a teaser on Twitter that shows a man holding what appears to be a smartphone-like device in his hands.

Unfortunately details about Razer's smartphone is scarce, but since it is targeted at gamers, we can expected top-end hardware. Also given that Razer owns the makers of Robin, we can expect the company to integrate cloud based service into the phone.

This is not the first time, a company has designed a smartphone for gamers. In the past Nokia had the N-gage, and Sony had the Xperia Play.
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