You can now download the Pixel 2 launcher on any phone

Google's latest Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones comes with revamped Pixel launcher with animation effects and expanded dock functionality. The launcher was exclusively designed for the Pixel 2 phone, but now the APK file is out and can be downloaded and installed on any phone.

In the new Pixel launcher, the Google Search bar is located at the home bottom of the screen, and there's a new Glance widget at the top of the home screen that displays date, time, upcoming events, update and reminders, and a new bouncy animation effect when opening/scrolling the app drawer. 

Otherwise it is identical to the old Pixel launcher.  It's worth mentioning that the ported Pixel launcher does not have Google Now integration, so this function will not work. 

The Pixel 2 launcher file size weighs in at 2.5MB and is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 and above. According to reports the launcher works fine on LG V30, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note8, and Galaxy S6, whereas crashes in phones with 1GB RAM.

You can download the new Pixel launcher APK file from APK Mirror.

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