Google will soon add restaurant wait times to Google Search and Maps

Google has announced that it will soon roll out wait times on Google Search, that will show you the estimated wait-time at restaurants. The feature will also be coming to Google Maps as well.

The wait time feature will help you decide whether the food is really worth an hour wait or plan ahead to get your fix at a time when you can avoid a wait entirely.

To see wait time for nearly a million sit-down restaurants around the world that allow walk-in, just search for the restaurant on Google, open the business listing, and scroll down to the "Popular Times" section. Here you'll see the estimated wait time for that period. You can also tap on any of the hours bars to see the estimated wait for that time period.

You can even scroll left and right to see a summary of each day's wait time below the hours bars, so that you can plan ahead to beat the crowds.

Wait time estimates are based on anonymized historical data, similar to how Google computes the previously launched Popular Times and Visit Duration features.
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