Latest update to Bixby completely kills the Bixby key if it is disabled

Nearly two months ago, Samsung rolled out an update to Bixby that enabled users to disable the Bixby key from firing up Bixby Home, but it would still wake up the device when pressed. 

That being said, with the latest update, Samsung is making things even more permanent. The Bixby button will no longer wake up when if it is disabled.

Prior to the update, even though Bixby button was disabled, it did respond to a press and wake up the device, acting more like a power button, resulting in the screen being turned on accidentally at times. But that is not the case anymore, and now after being disabled from the Bixby settings, it will not respond.

Besides the Bixby disabling option, the new update will also make Bixby analyze saved contacts, so even if you call out the contacts names a little differently, it will still have the ability to search the right contact and make the call.

You can get these update, by opening the Galaxy App on Your Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy Note 8. You will find the update under the My Apps section. 

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