Portronics' RuffPad 10 is a rewirtable LCD pad for Rs. 1,999

India-based mobile accessories manufacturer Portronics has launched RuffPad 10, a re-writable LCD pad, which can be used for multiple activities like writing notes, memos, reminders and to-do lists. 

You can also use the pad to play games like noughts and crosses, tic-tac-toe. In addition kids can use it as a doodle board or to practice handwriting and math and more.

The RuffPad 10 sports a plastic body, and has a 10-inch re-writable LCD display, and comes bundled with a stylus pen, so that you can perform the aforementioned activities. It uses a user-replaceable 3V watch battery to power up.

The stylus ensures high precision writing with a calligraphy-like effect similar to a hard bursh or pencil as opposed to a sketch pen. It also has a erase button, that lets you erase the existing content on the pad , making it ready to take new sketches or notes.

To avoid accidental erasing of contents, the digital writing pad also has a lock key. Once enabled, even if you accidentally pres the erase button, the content on the pad will remain still as it is.

The Portronics RuffPad 10 is priced at Rs. 1,999, and is available via both online and offline mobile stores.

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