WhatsApp for iOS gets YouTube PiP and more easier way to send long voice message

WhatsApp has`updated its app for the iOS platform adding two new features. The latest update bring YouTube PiP mode for watching a video without leaving WhatsApp, and more convenient way to record long audio messages.

Now when you receive a link to a YouTube video, you can play it right within the the app, without having to leave it, thanks to Picture-in-Picture mode. So you'll now be able to watch the YouTube video as well as navigate to another chat at the same time.

Next, WhatsApp's voice message function is getting refreshed. Earlier you had to hold the mic icon to record a voice message be it long or short. In cases where users wanted to record a long voice message, holding the icon was tiresome. But now you'll be able to record voice message without the need to hold the record button.

Now when you start recording an audio message by holding down the mic button, a padlock UI element will appear on the right side of the chat window. Sliding it up will lock the recording, and you can go hands free. Once you are done recording the audio message, taping on the send button ends the session, and the audio clip will be sent to the recipient. Note that during the voice recording session, you'll be able to scroll up and down the chat window, but not be able to leave it. 

The two new features are part of WhatsApp v2.17.81 for iOS, and it is available for download from the App Store. 

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